PL Enterprise NX-01 PL Enterprise NX-01 06/12/09 The largest pieces are assembled here. I have already run into a problem with one of the pylons. It does not seat properly. Just a warning for those who want to build this kit. 40288006 06/12/09 The engines will be assembled after the opaqueing process because they will be lit. 40288007 06/12/09 This is the lower saucer section. All of the pieces that will be on or near the outside of the ship are assembled first. When the model is opaqued this will assist in preventing light leaks, 40288008 06/12/09 Here you can see a close-up of the phase cannons. These pieces are glued in very securely so that I can spray them black and not worry about light leaking out. 40288005 06/12/09 Using a fine tip cement applicator, I do what I call caulking the cracks to prevent light from leaking out and spoiling the fact that this is a model. 40288009 06/12/09 Next the inside of the saucer section is opaqued. 40288004 06/12/09 First the inside of the engines are opaqued because of the lighing effects that will be added later. When they're dry on the inside I will repeat the process with the outsides. 40288010 06/12/09 Then I do the outside. I'll let the paint dry for 24hrs, then apply a white base coat to begin the final color for the outside of the ship. This ship would actually look good in black, kinda like a stealth ship. 40288011 06/12/09 This is the bottom outside of the saucer already opaqued. Next I'll begin the White Base coat. 40288012 06/21/09 Next, the base coat of Flat White is put on the insise and theoutside. On the insode it will help reflect the lighting effects and make the portholes a little brighter. On the outside it makes it a little easier to apply paint to, 41360811 06/21/09 Next, I airbrush the steel color onto the outter surfaces including the engines. 41360812 06/21/09 It took 2 thin coats of paint to cover this. I did some light touch-ups after the paint was dry, then I sprayed Dulcote on to help protect the finish for the next step. 41360813 06/21/09 Here I've begun the Aztecing process. This pattern is not as easy as the refit paint job. There are some views of the ship's paintjob included with the instructions, but they are very unclear in many of the areas that require more detail. I will have to rely on other sources to finish this off. The box art is helpful but has only the basics for what needs to be finished. 41360810