Reference Photos Reference Photos Outside Panels - 134 This is a larger scale close-up miniature that was built with heavy detailing for this awesome shot; Here you can see one of the outside panels close up as well as the turnbuckles and tension rods. 189892121 Outside Panels - 135 This is the larger detailed filming miniature. You can see the entire B panel here along with other details. 189892122 Light Panel Details - 136 The rest of these pics show where I got most of the detail information for the light panels. Although most of the decals are difficult to see in the movie, I wound up making up most of the unseen panel numbers, especially on the Starboard side of the dock. 189892107 Light Panel Details - 137 The last four light panels of the middle tier of light panels are shown on the screen to be numbered in the 70's: E74, E75, E76, E77. The row of panels above are all "D" series panels, and below are "F" series panels. 189892108 Light Panel Details - 138 The first three panels on the middle tier are "E" series, But the numbers are in the 30's: E31, E32, E33 189892112 Light Panel Details - 139 189892109 Light Panel Details - 140 The only clearly seen light panel in the movie. Most of the numbering details are visible on screen. 189892110 Light Panel Details - 141 189892111 Light Panel Details - 142 This is the first panel on the middle tier which is E31. It can barely be seen in this shot. 189892114 Light Panel Details - 143 Here are panels E32 and E33 189892119 Light Panel Details - 144 189892120 Work Light Details - 145 This is one of the 2 work lights. I will try to build these as seen in the movie. I have some ideas as to how to accomplish this. There are 60 individual lights on each of these booms. 189892115 Rear Of Drydock - 130 This is a rare Behind the scenes pic of the drydock. This shows the never on screen back end of the overhead modules. The actual Filming miniature never had much detailing. 189892104 Crew Rec Deck Details - 146 This shot shows that there were details on the inside of the filming miniature as well as the botany deck and hanger. Here you can see the interior columns inside the rec-deck. 189892116 Rear Of Drydock - 131 This shows the back of the dock overhead modules to be similar to the front of the modules with the small hangers bays on either side. This is the pic that I based my 1/350 scale drydock model on. The miniature was turned around t o film this shot that was never seen in TMP. 189892113 Gangway Details - 147 This shows the detailing underneath the gangway. The refurbished filming miniature appears to have more detailing than what was shown in the movie. 189892117 Light Panel Details - 132 By going over several scenes in ST:TMP this is how I was able to figure out some of the numbers on the light panels. 189892105 Gangway Lighting - 148 These are lights shown turning off before Enterprise clears the dock. There are 8 individual lights here that illuminate the Enterprise Hull. 189892118 Outside Panels - 133 I have no idea what they would be for, but there are 6 of these panels on either side of the dock. 189892106 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 1 Here are some very rare pics of the Drydock behind the scenes. You can see the amount of rigging it took to hold this giant miniature in place for shooting. 195062544 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 2 Working on the Light Panels. 195062545 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 3 These are some of the power transformers and ballasts used to light up the model 195062546 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 4 An Empty Drydock waiting for a starship to pull into it. You can see there was very little detail on the front end of the Dock. 195062547 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 5 Finally! A starship Enters to be worked on. 195062548 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 6 Working on some of the details on the front end of the dock. 195062549 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 7 Seeing a couple of guys inside the dock gives you an idea of how large the miniature was. It measures about 13' in length. 195062550 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 8 Still working on those details. 195062555 Behind The Scenes ST:TMP - 9 Setting up test shots for the movie. 195062556 Giant Background Paintings ST:TMP - 1 These next few pics are giant paintings used for scenes shot outside the windows of interior sets for when the Enterprise was in Drydock. 195062551 Giant Background Paintings ST:TMP - 2 This gives you an idea of how large the paintings were by the size of the men in the foreground. 195062552 Giant Background Paintings ST:TMP - 3 Another great painting. Too bad these weren't more noticeable in the movie. Some of them were never actually used. 195062553 Giant Background Paintings ST:TMP - 4 And the last one I have. 195062554